Become a Delta Certified Installer

Delta offers PV seminars free of charge for PV installers or system designers. Upon completion of the seminar each participant receives a certificate that identifies him as a Delta Certified Installer.


As a Delta Certified Installer you are included on our list of professional installers that we are pleased to recommend for installation of Delta inverters. 


The seminar instruction, all training materials, refreshments and lunch are provided free of charge. Attendee transportation and accommodations, if required, must be paid separately.


The participants of the seminar should have experience as a solar installer or system designer since basic knowledge of PV systems is not taught in the seminar.

Seminar topics

Advanced Topics of PV Systems and Delta Inverters
Also covered: PV System Monitoring and Analysis (ca. 1 hour)
Seminar description

PV System Monitoring and Analysis
Also covered: Advanced Topics of PV Systems and Delta Inverters (ca. 1 hour)
Seminar description

The seminars "Advanced Topics of PV systems and Delta Inverters" and "PV System Monitoring & Analysis" include some overlap in content, so it is not mandatory to attend both seminars. The two seminars are always held on two consecutive days.

Customer specific seminars

By request we organize seminars with customer specific topics. A list of possible topics can be found here.


Each participant in a seminar receives a certificate at its completion. 


If you are a Delta partner or installer and would like to register 8 or more participants for a PV seminar, there is the possibility for the Delta trainer to conduct a free of charge seminar at your location.


The seminars are held in German. If you are interested in an English seminar, please contact us.