Perfect for Tough Challenges

The combination of transformer-based technology and protection degree IP65 allows the inverter to be used in harsh enviroments, e.g. in locations near seawater. When PV modules are used that need to be grounded, this inverter is the ideal choice. It supports negative and positive grounding and offers several monitoring methods.
The inverter allows input voltages from 375 V to 1000 V (full power range from 380 V to 850 V). Operating temperatures range up to 70 °C (derating does not start before 55 °C)

Extended Functionality

The inverter offers an extended MPP tracking function to improve the yield. For some countries powerful functions for controlling active and reactive power are available.
Extended statistics as well as all messages about the current operating status and the complete life-time operating behavior can be read out on the easy-to-use display.
When the inverter is connected to a monitoring system - e.g. the Delta SOLIVIA Monitor 2.0, it can be supervised online.

Easy Installation

The simple on-display commissioning procedure guides the installer through all settings necessary to set up the inverter correctly. When an installation consists of multiple inverters of the same type, the settings of one inverter can be easily copied to the other inverters via the USB interface.
The inverter contains an integrated DC disconnector. A mounting plate and IP65 AC plug are included in the scope of delivery.

Technical Data

Input (DC)
Max. recommended PV power 12.1 kWP
Nominal power 10.6 kW
Voltage range 375 ... 1000 V 1)
Full power MPP range 380 ... 850 V
Nominal current 17.7 A @ 600 V
Max. current 26.4 A
Output (AC)
Nominal apparent power 10 kW 2) 3) 4)
Voltage range 3 x 400 V + N + PE (+18/-20%) 5)
Nominal current (per phase) 14.5 A
Frequency range 50 ± 5 Hz 5)
Power factor adjustable 0.8 cap ... 0.8 ind
Total harmonic distortion (THD) < 5 % @ nominal power
General Specification
Model name SOL10.0-1TR3-E4
Part number Delta EOE47030453
Max. efficiency 96.8 %
Efficiency EU 95.6 %
Operating temperature -25 ... +70 °C
Full power without derating -25 ... +58 °C
Storage temperature -25 ... +80 °C
Humidity 0 ... 95 %
Max. operating altitude 2000 m (above sea level)
Dimensions / connections
Size (H x W x D) 685 x 410 x 185 mm
Weight 39 kg
Cooling Convection with fan (plug & play)
AC connector Amphenol C16/3
DC connector 3 pairs of Multi-Contact MC4
Communication interfaces 2 x RS485 (RJ45) + 1 USB A 2.0
DC disconnector Integrated
Display 3 LEDs, 4-line LCD
Safety / Standards
Protection degree IP65 / IP54 6)
Safety class I
Configurable trip parameters Yes
Insulation monitoring Yes
Overload behavior Current limitation, power limitation
Anti-islanding protection / Grid regulation VDE 0126-1-1; France/Islands (60 Hz); UTE C15-712-1; RD 661/2007; RD 1699/2011; RD 1663/2000; Synergrid C10/11 (06/2012); EN 50438; G59/1-2; VDE-AR-N 4105; VFR 2013; VFR 2014
EMC EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 61000-3-11; EN 61000-3-12
Safety IEC 62103; IEC 62109-1 / -2

1) Maximum input voltage without damage: 1000 V

2) Cos Phi = 1 (VA = W)

3) Continuous nominal active power in the range of Cos Phi = 0.9 cap ... 0.9 ind

4) AC power can be limited at the inverter during commissioning to meet country-specific regulations regarding the maximum permissible grid load.

5) AC voltage and frequency range are programmed according to the individual country requirements.

6) IP65 for electronics / IP54 for cooling area


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