PV Installation Kaohsiung Stadium - Roof View

Kaohsiung World Stadium, Taiwan

Realizing huge PV plants with small inverters


Who says that you can realize large solar plants only with large inverters?  

From the very beginning it was planned to use the huge roof of the new Kaohsiung World Stadium in Taiwan for producing solar energy. The roof offers plenty of space for solar modules but its demanding architecture was a challenge for the engineers to find an appropriate arrangement for the inverters.

In the end, the engineers decided to use many small solar inverters insteand of few large inverters (e. g. central inverters). Small solar inverters not only give more flexibility in connecting solar modules to strings, but also increase reliability of the solar plant. The failure of one small inverter has a much lower impact on the total power production than the failure of a large central inverter.

The Kaohsiung World Stadium is today the biggest integration of a photovoltaic construction into a sports stadium worldwide with one megawatt nominal output power. The Stadium was built for the World Games 2009 and will hold the Asian Games 2014.

Technical facts

  • Nominal output power: 1 MW
  • Number and type of solar modules: 8844 (Delta 105 WP & 125 WP Light-thru BIPV)
  • Number of solar inverters:  279 x Delta 3.6 kW inverters