The inverters are installed outdoors

Vrapice, Czech Republic

Large PV plant in the open field


An open field is the perfect choice to place large number of solar modules.

In such a large PV plant you could of course use one or two big central inverters. But this needs special space for the inverters and longer cables from the solar modules to the inverters what increases cable losses.

The other choice is to use a larger number of string inverters organized in small groups of few inverters with each group located near a row of modules.

As there are no buildings to put the inverters in, inverters are needed which can withstand the direct exposure to the weather. Our string inverters have a special aluminiun housing with high efficient ventilation which safely shields the internal electronics from sun, heat and rain. The inverters are placed underneath the modules, so the modules provide protection especially against snow.

The PV plant in Vrapice, Czech Republic, is a partner installation of ProfCom.

Technical facts

  • Nominal output power:
  • Number and type of modules: 4320 x Tenesol Tenesa
  • Number and type of inverters: 180 x SOLIVIA 5.0 TR