Data access from anywhere anytime

Connect your PV plant via the SOLIVIA Gateway M1 G2 to the internet and you can use the SOLIVIA Monitor 2.0 portal to receive data about the PV plant.
In a few simple steps - most of the work is done automatically - you can set up a PV plant.
A PC or tablet with an internet browser connected to the internet is the only requirement and for smartphones a special app is available.
After that you have access to a huge amount of information - whereever you are, at any time.

Comfortable management of PV plants and customers

After registration all users can set up an unlimited number of PV plants.
Manage your PV plants by analysing statistics and operation status, upload nice images to the portal or check weather conditions at the installation location.
Registered installers can additionally administer customers and set up the PV plants in the portal for them.

Simple Presentation of Statistics

The SOLIVIA Monitor 2.0 portal provides comprehensive data about your PV plant, e.g. for power, yield, voltage and current.
The data - sent from the SOLIVIA Gateway in periodic time intervals - .
are visualized in easy to understand charts.
The simple presentation of the information facilitates the analysis of the operating behavior for the PV plant as the whole or for each inverter separately.


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