600 kWp, Linslerhof, Germany

Using different inverter types in a PV plant


The Linslerhof PV plant is a good examples for using different types of inverters in one PV plant. This PV plant combines transformerless with transformer-based inverters, three-phase with single phase inverters, large with small inverters.

The challenge for this project was to organize the strings of PV modules for a roof construction with different orientation to the sun. After discussing several possible combinations of PV modules and inverters, the decision was made to use two types of inverters (SOLIVIA 15 TL and SOLIVIA 3.3 TR). This variant proved to be the best to maximize power production.

When you plan to realize such a challenging project too, you should use our SOLIVIA PV Planner software which supports you with designing PV plants.

Technical facts

  • 603.16 kWp nominal output power
  • 7096 solar modules (Sunwell 85 W)
  • 62 string inverters (37 x SOLIVIA 15 TL, 25 x SOLIVIA 3.3 TR)