Frequently asked Questions 50,2 Hertz

Questions and answers to 50,2 Hertz

1. When was my Delta solar inverter manufactured?

You can read this on the date code type plate: e.g. 1019 = year 2010 / week 19The date code is also contained in the serial number at points 9+10 for the year and 11+12 for the week : S/N XXX XXX XX 1019 XXXXXX

2. What level of firmware does my device have?

With the Delta solar inverter the revision level is crucial for evaluation. The level can be read on the type plate, rev.: e.g. 03. The revision level, called rev. for short, is also contained in the serial number at points 7+8: S/N XXX XXX 03 XXXX XXXXXX

3. Can my Delta solar inverter be upgraded via remote maintenance?

No, the Delta solar inverter cannot be upgraded via remote maintenance.

4. Can my Delta solar inverter SI XXXX be upgraded?

No. According to §4 paragraph 3 of the German System Stability Ordinance (SysStabV) there is no obligation to upgrade the type SI Delta power converter. We are happy to present you with a certificate to download on our homepage for your energy supplier.

5. What needs to be communicated to the energy supplier following a successful upgrade?

After a successful update a change protocol is produced by the application. The change protocol needs to be signed by the installer and must be sent to the responsible energy provider (EVU)

6. Can I also upgrade systems with a Delta central inverter? In order to upgrade systems with a CSxxx, CMxxx or CIxxx Delta central inverter, a certificate is required. In order to acquire this certificate a seminar must be completed on our site (for further information go to: