Maximum profitability

The RPI H4A solar inverter features a 4 kVA power output. This new single phase transformerless solar inverter is designed for residential PV applications where maximum versatility and profitability are important. Thanks to the high maximum efficiency up to 97.5 %, optimum yield from the PV plant is ensured from the device.

Flexible system design

For the system planner, maximum flexibility is ensured thanks to a wide input voltage range of 100 - 550 V and 2 MPP trackers. The new unit is compatible with major types of PV modules and the robust IP65 rated enclosure allows outdoor installation.

Simple installation

The lightweight and compact design of the RPI H4A greatly simplifies installation. The inverter includes a unique wall bracket in the scope of delivery.

Intelligent cooling design

The inverter uses an innovative heatsink design for cooling which draws the heat away from the inverter through a natural convection process. Because there are no fans required, maintenance costs are reduced and audible noise is greatly reduced. Additionally, the intelligent cooling design extends the life of electronic components and increases the life of the solar inverter.

Technical Data

Input (DC)
Max. recommended PV power 5.0 kWp1)
Nominal power 4.2 kW 
Voltage range 100 ... 550 V 
Full power MPP range 180 ... 500 V 
Max. current 24 A (12 A per MPP tracker) 
Max. number of MPP trackers Parallel inputs: 1 MPP tracker;
Separate inputs: 2 MPP trackers
Output (AC)
Nominal apparent power 4 kVA 2)  3)
Voltage range 230 -20%/+22%, 1 Phase (L, N, PE) 4) 
Nominal current 17.3 A  (16 A for UK)
Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz 
Frequency range 50/60 Hz +- 5% 4)
Power factor adjustable 0.8 cap ... 0.8 ind  
Total harmonic distortion (THD) <3 % @ nominal apparent power 
General Specification
Model name RPI H4A 
Part number Delta RPI402N55E0000 
Max. efficiency 97.5 % 
Efficiency EU 97.0 % 
Operating temperature -25 ... +20 degrees C 
Full power without derating -25 ... +40 degrees C 
Storage temperature -25 .. +60 degrees C 
Humidity 0 ... 100 % non-condensing 
Max. operating altitude 2000m (above sea level) 
Dimensions / connections
Size (H x W x D) 414 x 475 x 155 mm 
Weight 21 kg 
Cooling Convection cooling 
AC connector Amphenol C16-3 2 + PE (C016 20E002 800 1) 
DC connector 2 pairs of Multi-Contact MC4 
Communication interfaces 2 x RS485, 1 x dry contact, 1 x EPO, 4 x digital inputs 
DC disconnector Integrated 
Safety / Standards
Protection degree IP65 
Safety class
Configurable trip parameters Yes 
Insulation monitoring Yes 
Overload behavior Current limitation; power limitation 
Anti-islanding protection / Grid regulation VDE 0126-1-1; VDE-AR-N 4105; Synergrid C10/C11 06/2012 / VDE 126 A1; VFR 2013 / 2014; VDE 16 1-1 A1; UTE 15-712; French Islands 50 Hz/60 Hz; EN 50438; UK G83-2 
EMC EN61000-6-2; EN61000-6-3 
Safety IEC62109-1 / -2; CE compliance 

1) When operated with symmetrical load

2) 3.68 kW for United Kingdom

3) Cos Phi = 1 (VA = W)

4) AC voltage and frequency range will be programmed according to the individual country requirements


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