E5 hybrid inverter

The E5 is a true hybrid inverter. Acting as a traditional inverter, except that it can also deliver energy during a power outage provided your solar array is generating electricity, even without batteries.


6kWh Li-ion battery

Pair the 6kWh battery to the E5 and you have instant energy security for when the grid lets you down.  Also, saving you money by storing your free solar energy for use later on.


Smart monitor

The Smart Monitor brings a new dynamic to managing your energy. Choose when and how you want energy delivered. View the real time status of your battery and consumption.


Power meter

The P1E and P3E can measure your energy purchased, exported, stored and self consumed. The Smart Monitor will display this in real time as it happens. P1E is for single-phase systems and P3E is for three-phase systems.


Technical Data

Input (DC)
Hybrid E5 Energy Storage System
Max. recommended PV power 7kW 
Nominal power 5kW 
Voltage range 100 - 550 V 
Full power MPP range 220 - 450 V 
Max. current 24 A (12 A per MPP tracker) 
Max. number of MPP trackers
Output (AC)
Hybrid E5 Energy Storage System
Nominal apparent power 5kVA 
Voltage range 230 V ±20%, 1 Phase (L, N, PE)
Nominal current 21.7 A 
Nominal frequency 50 / 60 Hz 
Power factor adjustable 0.8 capacitive ... 0.8 inductive 
Total harmonic distortion (THD) < 3% @ nominal apparent power
General Specification
Hybrid E5 Energy Storage System
Model name E5 
Max. efficiency 97.2 % 
Efficiency EU 96.5 %
Operating temperature -25 - 60°C 
Humidity 0 ~ 100%, non-condensing 
Dimensions / connections
Hybrid E5 Energy Storage System
Size (H x W x D) 445 x 510 x 177 mm (E5 inverter) 
Weight 27 kg (E5 inverter) 
Cooling Convection cooling 
AC connector
DC connector  2 pairs of MC4
Communication interfaces WLAN (optional) / RS-485 
Display 20 character x 4-line LCD 
Safety / Standards
Hybrid E5 Energy Storage System
Protection degree IP65 Inverter; IP55 Battery 
Anti-islanding protection / Grid regulation IEC 62040, ARN-4105, G59/3 & EN50438:2013 NL Abweichungen 
EMC EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3 
Safety IEC 62109-1/-2; CE compliance 


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