Designed for peace of mind

The battery is the safety-critical component of any battery energy storage system. Delta has invested a lot of development effort in the battery box to minimize the security risk and to ensure worry-free use in homes.


Safe and Powerful
Built by Panasonic, Li-ion battery pack features 18,650 cells. A range of different alloys are integrated into the battery to make it safer, increase its lifespan and the power output. 

Floor or Wall Mounted
Install easily on the wall or floor with the mounting bracket included without extra charge.

Water-resistant and Dustproof
IP55 protection level allows the battery to be installed indoor and outdoors.

Extremely Quiet
Almost no noise during the battery daily operation.

Solid protection
6 steel plate design provides solid protection if there is any explosion happening inside the battery. The unit delivers the highest safety in residential energy storage.

Battery supplier Panasonic
Nominal capacity 6kWh
Maximum capacity 6.4kWh
Usable capacity (80% DoD) 4.8kWh
Cycle stability 6000
Voltage range 85 - 104Vdc
Nominal charging power 2.5kW
Nominal discharging power 3kW
Maximum charging current 30A
Maximum discharging current 35A
Battery technology Li-ion
Dimensions 552 x 596 x 200mm
Weight 75 kg
Enclosure rating IP55
Installation type Indoor / outdoor
Ambient temperature range* -10 - 45 ºC
Permitted humidity 0 - 90%
Certificates UN38.3
Warranty 10 years
*For longer battery life we recommend the battery is used indoors