Solutions for photovoltaic power stations

Since 2002, Delta and its partners have supplied high-efficiency inverters and solutions for large-scale photovoltaic systems in solar parks. The rugged and high-performance power electronics in SOLIVIA inverters are compatible with today's top professional monitoring systems to guarantee environmentally-friendly power generation for decades.

Decentralized inverter design advantages

In the past, most large-scale PV systems used central inverters with high power output. However, there are benefits to a decentralized concept using string inverters:

Scalability and partial startup
Thanks to the modularity of the photovoltaic system, it can be easily expanded in the future. When the system is constructed, smaller sections of the system can be started up early on.

Higher yield thanks to redundancy
By using multiple string inverters, only part of the system is affected if one inverter fails. The rest of the system continues to produce electricity and ensure your yield.

Higher yield through minimization of losses caused by shade
By dividing the large-scale system into subgenerators with multiple MPP trackers, the inverters can more easily adjust to the panels and minimize loss of performance caused by shade.

Lower installation costs
Unlike extremely heavy central inverters, string inverters are quick and easy to install. Before installing central inverters, a special construction site road and a cement base plate must often be built. String inverters do not require this expensive preparatory work. Installing string inverters next to the panels reduces the number of direct current cables, simplifies installation and saves time and money.

Lower maintenance costs
An inverter can be quickly replaced on site by local staff. This eliminates the need to wait for a special service technician.