True hybrid inverter

The E5 acquires input power from the solar PV system or input power from the grid and stores it directly to the battery for later use in the household.  Even without batteries, the E5 can provide critical load energy while generating solar power.


Product Features

◼ High peak efficiency (PV to Grid) of 97.2% and nominal continuous power output of 5.0kW for the inverter.
◼ Power electronics are combined in one enclosure featuring 2 MPPT to connect 5kW of PV panels
◼ Wide input voltage range (100 - 550V)
◼ Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications (IP65)
◼ Stand-alone PV system - the E5 has a button to manually switch the system to stand-alone mode.
DC Input  Rated voltage  370Vdc
 Recommended PV power  7kW
 MPPT  2
 Max. input current  2 x 12Adc
 Operating voltage range  100Vdc - 550Vdc
 MPP voltage range  220Vdc - 450Vdc
AC Output  Rated output power  5kVA
 Rated voltage  230Vac
 THD  <3% at rated power
Efficiency  Peak efficiency  97.2%
 European efficiency  96.5%
Information  Communication port  RS-485
 Display  20 x 4 LCD
Standard power with battery
& solar
 28A (on critical load)
Maximum power only solar*  5.0kW
Standalone power with
battery only
Nighttime consumption  <30W with battery;
without battery <10W
Communication  Wi-Fi (optional) / RS-485
Environment  Outside
Operating temperature  -25 - 60 ºC
Relative humidity  0 - 100%, non-condensing
Dimensions (unit)  510 x 445 x 177 mm
Weight  27 kg
Cooling  Natural cooling
Installation type  Indoor / outdoor
Enclosure rating   IP65
Certificates  IEC 62109-1/02, IEC 62040, ARN-4105, G59/3 and EN50438 2013 w/NL deviations
*4.6kW for Germany