Frequently asked questions from homeowners

Is a solar system still worth it today?

Many countries reduce the feed-in rates guaranteed by the government every year, and in some cases, the rates are adjusted monthly for new systems. Once installed however, systems will enjoy between one and 20 years of guaranteed feed-in rates. This along with the use of high-quality Delta inverters ensures high investment security, since the reduced system prices of recent years mean that your own photovoltaic system will pay for itself in just a few years and begin to generate profits. Many people allow themselves to be unsettled by political discussions. Don't let yourself be swayed however and secure your environmentally-friendly, self-produced energy now. Your solar installer will be pleased to consult with you regarding your profitability assessment.

What size photovoltaic system should I have?

Every photovoltaic system is unique. The size and orientation of the roof, as well as other on-site circumstances will determine the optimal size for your system. Your solar installer will be pleased to help you plan an optimal system on-site. The SOLIVIA PV Planner design software aids your installer in optimal system planning. Ask your installer about SOLIVIA inverters from Delta.

Where can I get a system?

Delta specializes in the development and production of high-quality power electronics. Our strength lies in providing a range of reliable and innovative inverters that offer outstanding value for money. Your local solar company will provide professional system planning and installation. Ask your installer about SOLIVIA inverters from Delta.

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By investing in a photovoltaic system, you help contribute to environmentally-friendly power generation. When preparing your quotation, ensure that your installer relies on high-quality system components. Ultimately you want to ensure that your system produces inexpensive solar energy for many years beyond its amortization period. As a world leader in the power electronics market, Delta underscores its high quality standards with a 10-year warranty when you register your system with Delta online (five years without registration).

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