Delta now shipping new high-efficiency three phase residential inverters

The leading global provider of power and thermal management solutions is now shipping its new RPI Series three phase inverters with 6 kVA / 8 kVA / 10 kVA power outputs.

Delta will launch three new transformerless models known as the RPI M6A, M8A and M10A featuring 6, 8 and 10 kVA power outputs respectively. The new three-phase solar inverters are designed for residential or small commercial applications and feature a high max. efficiency up to 98.3 %. Since all three models feature a compact design and low weight for their power class, installation is greatly simplified.

For the system planner, maximum flexibility is ensured thanks to a wide input voltage range of 200 – 1000 V and 2 MPP trackers. Additionally, M6A and M8A also support asymmetrical loading (40/60 %) which can increase yield in such applications as east/west roof installations, where modules are orientated in different directions.

The inverters feature an innovative heatsink design for cooling which draws the heat away from the inverter through a natural convection process. Because there are no fans required, maintenance costs are reduced and audible noise is greatly reduced. Additionally, the intelligent cooling design extends the life of electronic components and increases the life of the solar Inverter.

All the new inverters are compatible with major types of PV modules and the robust IP65 rated enclosure allows outdoor installation.

The first M6A / M8A / M10A inverters are now available for purchase within Europe.