Delta inverters compatible with Circutor new dynamic power controller

With Circutor dynamic power controller compatibility, Delta inverters can be used in PV markets that require installations interconnected to the grid to provide for maximized self-consumption with controlled injection (or even zero injection).

The CDP-0 and CDP-G solutions from Circuitor have been tested with all Delta Solivia TR, Solivia TL and RPI-series inverters and have been found to be fully compatible. The CDP-G is the new Dynamic Power Controller with demand management that has all the previous features of the CDP-0 and also includes new functions. With the CDP-G unit, a controlled injection to the grid can be guaranteed and maximized self-consumption of energy ensured on days of surplus solar radiation. The CDP units and the Delta inverters communicate via the RS-485 bus and up to 100 inverters can be connected although the vast majority of domestic installations range from 1 to 3.

The CDP in combination with Delta RPI-inverters is not only a good solution for residential systems but also for commercial rooftop systems when injection limits or control is required.

Other CDP-G key features are:

  • Monitoring via the web (smartphone, tablet or PC)
  • Screen that shows consumption data, PV production, grid consumption and activation of manageable loads
  • Modbus/TCP communications for integration in SCADA‚Ä®

More information about the CDP-G and CDP-0 solution from Circutor can be found here: