High-power Delta string inverters provide the perfect all-in-one solution for large rooftop or ground-mounted PV plants

The RPI M30A and RPI M50A are high-efficiency string inverters with many added-value characteristics – ideal for large commercial installations where optimum yield is important to ensure a high return from the system.

 The M50A series 3-phase inverters offer maximum 55kVA output power and industry-leading peak efficiency of up to 98.6%. Other value-added features are:

  • MPP trackers and a high maximum input voltage up to 1100V allow for extra flexibility in system design and better performance in challenging conditions.
  • Rugged die-cast aluminium chassis features IP65 enclosure rating designed for outdoor installation even in harsh environments.
  • All-in-one design which greatly reduces the need for costly external devices. In fact, it includes built-in AC/DC disconnector and AC and DC surge protection devices (SPDs) plus string fuses.
  • The new M50A model offers connectors for 12 DC strings

More M50A information: http://www.solar-inverter.com/en-GB/6628.htm

The M30A series 3-phase inverters are also suitable for commercial applications given their added-value characteristics, such as maximum power output of 33kVA, excellent power density and high peak efficiency of 98.5%. They also offer:

  • Wide input voltage range of 200 – 1100V and 2 MPP trackers. Asymmetrical loading (33/67%) is also possible, ensuring maximum yield in large commercial rooftop installations with multiple roof orientations.
  • The M30A is approximately 30% lighter than its predecessor model (SOLIVIA 30TL) and improvements in size are also evident.
  • It also features built-in Type II AC / DC SPDs and string fuses.
  • Excellent resistance to harsh outdoor conditions with IP65 enclosure rating for the electronics compartment and the AC plug.

More M30A information: http://www.solar-inverter.com/en-GB/6874.htm

For enquiries, please contact Delta sales here: http://www.solar-inverter.com/en-GB/933.htm