Delta to Unveil a Broad Portfolio of Smart Energy-Saving Solutions for the UK at Solar & Storage Live 2017

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management, will showcase a complete range of smart energy-saving products for the UK in Birmingham, October 3-5.

Delta announced today its innovative and varied portfolio of smart green solutions, designed to enable higher efficiency in a wide range of industrial applications and energy infrastructure, will be featured at Solar & Storage Live 2017, the UK’s largest fair dedicated to renewable energy. A state-of-the-art string PV inverter with 88kVA power output, leading 98.8% peak efficiency and high power density; a 4-in-1 150kW DC Ultra Fast EV Charger, capable of facilitating a 100km range for a modern electric vehicle (EV) with roughly an 8-minute charge; and solutions for smart energy storage in commercial and residential applications, are all evidence of Delta’s unique competence in empowering sustainable cities.

Visitors at Delta’s booth will have the opportunity to experience the following solutions:

String PV Inverter M88H Series:  The new flagship of Delta’s solar PV inverter line boasts leading maximum efficiency of 98.8% and maximum power output of 88kVA. Its advanced silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors allow the M88H to operate in 400-volt or 480-volt grids, which helps reduce costs in AC and DC cabling. The M88H offers customers a wide voltage input range for complex project conditions, thus, providing a major advantage in reaching maximum yields. Two MPP trackers and a high maximum input voltage up to 1100V allow for extra flexibility in system design and superior performance in challenging conditions. 

Power Conversion System PCS100K Series: A 100kW modular and scalable power conversion system (PCS) for transferring lower-cost electric power to battery energy storage systems (BESS), based on either Li-ion or lead-acid batteries. The PCS100K, which contains 1 to 5 grid-connected 20kW bi-directional converter units (BCU) featuring a high energy conversion efficiency. Multiple cabinets can be connected in parallel to operate as one larger system. The PCS100K allows customers to benefit from lower electricity costs by using the battery-stored energy not only for red band charge or peak rate avoidance, but also for frequency response services as well as to increase their operational reserves for critical applications. Its user interface offers a touch screen controller display with RS485 and Modbus RTU communication protocols for remote control and monitoring.

Hybrid E5 Energy Storage System: This is a solar energy storage solution that optimizes the use of PV generated power in residential applications as it consists of a 6kWh Li-ion battery, a Delta E5 hybrid PV inverter, a smart meter and a smart energy management box. The intelligent Hybrid E5 offers customised energy management modes to leverage the solar power stored during the day for household consumption in the evening, thus, helping customers reduce their overall electricity bills.

150kW DC Ultra Fast EV Charger: A system capable of charging up to 4 EVs simultaneously and of supporting all EVs in the market today. This superior EV charger supports fast charging with its optional 1000V technology and is able to provide EV drivers with a 100km range with an 8-minute charging session. Moreover, with output power of up to 150kW DC and up to 65kW AC, users will experience convenient charging times especially when, in coming years, new-generation EVs with larger battery capacity and longer driving range enter the market. Charging point owners and operators can benefit from its modular power architecture and add capacity up to 150kW DC when their sites experience higher EV charging demand trends.

Power Quality Solutions: These include products such as the Active Power Filter (APF) and the Static Var Generator (SVG) which in particular benefit telecom, data centre, textile, oil & gas and other industrial applications. The advanced technology of Delta’s APF & SVG, boosts stability of power distribution systems by eliminating harmonics, help avoid the risk of resonance disorders, compensate reactive power and improve load imbalance. These features help reduce the electricity bill of customers, free up transformer capacity, help avoid penalties due to poor power factor, reduce thermal loss in power cables and eliminate unexpected power supply failures (breakers tripping, fuses blowing). The modular design of the Delta PQC Series APF offers the flexibility to scale the system to every power need. 

LED Lighting Solutions: Our showcase brings Delta’s expertise in LED lighting and energy efficiency to buildings, parking areas and commercial environments. The new Ambis and Ambis Radiant lineal solutions feature uniform light distribution, simple installation in a robust and lightweight package. The high-bay LED luminaires Staccato series boast an impressive efficiency of 160lm/W, a wide output range from 12,000 lm to 40,000 lm, long life-time over 100,000 hours, IP66 and IK10 protection rating, strong reliability in high temperatures and ease-of-installation, thus, particularly suitable for industrial, manufacturing and warehousing sites seeking a lighting solution at optimised operating costs.

Solar & Storage Live 2017, held from October 3 to 5 at the NEC, Birmingham, is the UK’s largest fair dedicated to renewable energy. Visitors are welcome to experience Delta’s expertise in energy conservation at its own exhibition Hall 3, stand B10.

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