Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH

Coesterweg 45
59494 Soest

Tel.: +49 2921 987-0

Fax: +49 2921 987-620


Subsidiary of the multinational Delta family - is worldwide market leader of custom and standard power supplies for

  • Telecom Power Supplies
  • IT Power Supplies
  • Storage Systems and Networking Power
  • Automotive Power Supplies



1906 Founded as CEAG (Concordia Elektrizitäts AG), production and sale of explosion-proof lamps and lights for the mining industry
1925 Acquired by Quandt-Group
1978 Foundation of "CEAG Dominit AG" with it´s subsidiary "CEAG Licht- und Stromversorgungstechnik GmbH"
1978 "BBC Germany" acquired "CEAG Licht- und Stromversorgungstechnik GmbH"
1988 After the merger of Asea & BBC to ABB new name as "ABB CEAG Licht- und Stromversorgungstechnik GmbH"
1993 "ABB CEAG Stromversorgungstechnik GmbH" became a separate entity
1998 Change of name into "ABB Power Supplies GmbH"
1999 Acquired by Ascom-Group as "Ascom Energy Systems GmbH"
2001 "Ascom Frako GmbH, Teningen" taken over by "Ascom Energy Systems GmbH"
2003 Acquired by Delta-Group as "Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH"
2004 Introduction as a Business Unit Organisation (CD) within Delta